Snow Team

South Middle School has a Club Snow Team
Snow Team Advisers:
Dan Lawrence -
Heather Becker -
Kristen Lawrence
Beginning in January, the team takes a bus up to Bogus Basin to downhill ski or snowboard or cross country ski.
The season starts in January and ends the middle of February (7 Saturdays).
Every Saturday, we meet at Columbia High School with all the other Nampa schools, to ride a bus up to Bogus Basin and back.
Here are the specific details:
  • There are signs for each school that will be in the bus window, so you know which bus to get on at Columbia and back on at Bogus to come home
  • Buses will be parked on the South side of Columbia High School in the bus parking lot area
  • Buses arrive at Columbia at 6:45am
  • We will depart from Columbia at 7:15am
  • We will arrive at Bogus at roughly 8:45am
  • We will load the bus at Bogus at 4:00pm
  • We will depart from Bogus at 4:30pm
  • We will arrive back at Columbia High School at about 5:45pm
The team fee to participate is $100, which includes busing and a team sweatshirt (first year only). There are additional fees for the race day pass ($26 per race) unless you have a season pass, and the cost of rentals if you do not have your own gear.
To be accepted on the team, you must complete BOTH registration forms below AND submit the $100 participation fee to the front office (cash or checks payable to South).
Click Here for South registration information - REQUIRED
Click Here for Bogus Basin registration and racing information - REQUIRED
Click Here for the handout from the parent meeting (coaches contact info, fees, race day expectations, race day schedule, etc.). DROP OFF AND PICK UP LOCATION CHANGE THIS YEAR - THE HANDOUT IS INCORRECT (see information above)
Click Here for information on Ski or Snowboard Lessons at Bogus Basin (this is recommended for those with little or no experience as we do not teach the kids how to ski or snowboard).