Welcome to Mrs. Apel's World History Class!

Each of my students have their own class notebook online where they have 24/7 access to a content library of information and a place to do their work.  Have your student share their progress with you often by going through their notebook with them on their device. 
 Here is the link to the 6th grade newsletter that is another great place to see what topics we are covering and when quizzes and tests will be.  
Here are answers to common questions:
1. Students may retake quizzes, at lunchtime preferably. 
2. They may add or do class work over to raise their grades.  I will grade late or corrected work after the current work so it may take a few days.  
3. There is no extra credit.
4. Students my turn in late work until the last Friday of the quarter.
5.  There is a list of assignments that are in PowerSchool for the quarter on the board so students know what is due.