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Learning Resources

Enable Microphone and Sound Make sure to enable sound and microphone for tuner to work! Click on the Lock in Chrome (or Edge) and enable the device.
Created by Leshy Labs
More Tuners/Metronomes:

Concert Band

Jazz Band

Get Started on Drum Set


Drum Set - Essential Grooves: Videos and How-To's


Jazz Rhythm Section Tutorials


iRealPro - Backing tracks, chord/scale charts, playlists


All Music Students

Learn, Practice, & Study

Smartmusic - Practice Tools, Repertoire, Sight-Reading, Assessment, and Notation

ToneSavvy - Music Theory & Ear-Training - Practice Tools, Music Theory, & Ear-Training

Auralia - Ear-Training

Musition - Music Theory

MusicAce Deluxe - Old but great software for learning essential music skills


Mobile Apps (links coming soon)

Tuners - Stay in tune and check your pitch!

Tonal Energy Tuner

Metronomes - keep accurate time while practicing

Android - 7Metronome

iOS & Android - Soundbrenner

Trainers & Music Games - Have fun while learning musical skills

Complete Ear Trainer - Complete Rhythm Trainer - Complete Music Reading Trainer

Perfect Ear


Other Software

Notation Software - Compose and arrange music

Logic Pro X (Notation Window)



MuseScore (Free!)