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Join Jazz Band!

  • Fill out the form below!
  • Have a decent audition
  • Commit to daily practice at home
  • To get into Big Band, be the top performer in the audition and have great rehearsal behavior
  • Register for and stay in your main ensemble (Concert Band, Orchestra, Choir)
  • Know that you are committing to a full year in both ensembles
  • Commit to attending EVERY performance
If you want a head-start in Jazz or want to retry your audition, register for the summer camp at BEFORE JUNE.
Consider private lessons (not required but REALLY helpful), especially if you are doubling on a jazz instrument.
Guitar and Piano students - exceptions made only for students that have NOT been in a school ensemble yet and are actively taking private lessons on that instrument.
See below for audition music. Print out just your page (instrument names are on the top right). Percussion is required to do both Vibes and Drum Set.
There is also a scales page, that will really help with your audition and give you a huge boost on getting started over the summer. Read the note names, accidentals (sharps, flats, and naturals) and key signatures carefully!