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Weekly Plan for Band, Jazz Band, & Orchestra

The weekly plan will no longer be updated for student use. Due to an overwhelming majority of students indicating they do not access the page, I have decided not to spend 2-3 hours each week updating it. There may still be relevant information as I will sometimes use it for my own benefit and in class, but it will likely not be up to date. We appreciate the students and parents that were keeping up on the weekly plan - from now on all the relevant info will be given in class, so students are now expected to ensure they write down the information they need in their practice logs (and any other reminders/important info) when it is presented to them in class every Monday. If students are absent, it is their responsibility to check in with a classmate to retrieve the information, as everyone should have it written down in their practice logs or music binder.
Platforms Used:
PowerSchool - Assignments will have details and sometimes activities included in the description.
ParentSquare - All communications will be done through ParentSquare - make sure to read every ParentSquare post or check your notifications in the app/website regularly! There are date changes, permission slips, and all kinds of important stuff that you'll miss if you skip or delete them.
Band/Orchestra Resources Page - Metronome, tuner, websites, videos, apps, fingering charts, scales, and pretty much every link music students will need to succeed. This page is updated often!
Habits Universal (Beginning Band) - Should be practicing with their book and the videos/recordings on this website.
Kjos IPS Interactive Practice Studio (Orchestras) - Should be practicing with their book and the videos/recordings on this app.
Flip - Occasional playing tests and other graded music activities will be done here. - Learn everything up to college music theory/composition on this site for FREE. - Develop music reading skills by testing your knowledge and understanding FREE.
Use this website to find the band/orchestra handbook, music calendar, private instructors, and music learning resources.
Contact, Help, & Tutoring

Contact Mr. Pérez-Lawrence at [email protected] if you need any assistance - I will answer messages when I have spare moments - feel free to contact me again if you don't hear from me within a reasonable timeframe.

Students may request direct tutoring or assistance for any of the assignments as long as I have availability. Please see the bell schedule for Hawk Time, Mentoring, and Lunch. I am also available during mentoring time. (It's always best to schedule the time to make sure we connect).
In 2020, NSD was remote and hybrid learning until we were clear to fully return to school. That means music students had to take it upon themselves to practice and follow along on assignments and updates. I was utilizing Microsoft Teams to keep students up-to-date on assignments. Students should regularly check their emails throughout the day (and make sure notifications are on during school hours). Music students needed to use various platforms to complete their assignments, which included SmartMusic, FlipGrid, and (along with their usual platforms). All students used Teams to conference directly when necessary.
All login information for SmartMusic was provided in an assignment from Teams.
Students had to go into Microsoft Teams daily and click on their class to find assignments/updates. Band students should also double-check that they have their instrument at home and are prepared to play on webcam using their laptop. This means they needed all essential items to effectively practice their instrument at home: a music stand, instrument cleaning kit (this will be part of their assignments), all of their music/books, extra reeds (woodwinds only), sticks/mallets (percussion only), and cork grease/tuning slide grease/slide and valve oil. If you need to collect your instrument or music, there will be personnel available to help you pick it up from the school.