Semester 1 Quarter 2

December 11 - 15
Monday: Health Teens and Alcohol: If absent look on Google Classroom
Tuesday: Intro. Team Handball
Wednesday: Pacer (Bring in Cans)
Thursday: Team Handball
Friday: Team Handball

December 4 - 8
Monday: Gym Basketball Shooting & Mini Games
Tuesday: Basketball/ Gatorade Tourn.
Wednesday: Sworkit
Thursday: Health TATU Presentation
Friday: Gatorade Tournament

Nov. 27 - Dec. 1
Monday: Health: CIS Training with Counselors
Tuesday: Intro. Basketball Ball Handling
Wednesday: Fitness Development: Stair Laps
Thursday: Basketball Dribbling Skill 
Friday: Passing Skill

Nov. 13 - 17
Monday: Health: Harmful effects of tobacco.
Tuesday: Gatorade Tournament Hockey
Wednesday: Pacer
Thursday: Quiz, Gatorade Tournament
Friday: Gatorade Tournament Final

Nov. 6 - 10
Monday: Health: What Can Have An Influence On Your Health?(Google Classroom)
Tuesday: Hockey Skill: Shooting
Wednesday: Sworkit
Thursday: Hockey Mini Games
Friday: Hockey

Oct. 30 - Nov. 3
Monday: Health: Bullying presented by Mrs. Pelton and Mrs. Musgraves
Tuesday: Intro. Hockey/Portfolio information
Wednesday: Stair Laps/
Thursday: No School Conferences
Friday: No School

End of Quarter 1

Oct. 23 - 27
Fitness Testing
Monday: Curl Ups, Push-Ups, Sit & Reach
Tuesday: Shuttle Run
Wednesday: Pacer
Thursday: Goal Sheets, Make-Ups, Game
Friday: No School

Oct. 16 - 20
Monday: Health: Goal Sheets, Sources of Strength(See Google Classroom)
Tuesday: Volleyball Serving/Hitting
Wednesday: Swork It
Thursday: Volleyball Games
Friday: Volleyball Games

Oct. 9 - 13
Monday: Health: Google Classroom Assignment
Tuesday: Speedball Game
Wednesday: Pacer
Thursday: Speedball Tourn. 
Friday:  Quiz, Speedball Tourn. 

Oct. 2 - 4
Monday: Health Physical Education Terms/Goals
Tuesday: Speedball/Speed A Way Skills Game Intro.
Wednesday: Fitness Development Mile
Thursday: No School
Friday: No School

Sept. 26 - Sept. 29
Monday: Gatorade Tournament Ultimate Frisbee
Tuesday: Quiz Ultimate Frisbee, Final Tournament
Wednesday: Swork-It
Thursday: Intro. Speedball/Speed A Way Skills
Friday: Speedball/Speed A Way Skills

Sept. 18 -22
Monday - Thursday Health Room No Regrets
Friday - Gatorade Tournament Ultimate Frisbee

Sept. 11 - 15
Monday: Health Day 1 No Regrets Permission Slip 
Tuesday: Ultimate Frisbee Mini Games
Wednesday: Mile, No Regrets Permission Slips Due
Thursday: Ultimate Frisbee
Friday: Capture Soccer Ball

Sept. 4 - 8

Monday: No School Labor Day
Tuesday: Intro. Ultimate Frisbee/Skills
Wednesday: Sworkit
Thursday: Ultimate Frisbee Skills/Small Games
Friday: Ultimate Frisbee Small Games
Monday Sept. 11: First Day Health Bring Composition Notebook!

August 28 - Sept. 1
Monday:  Curl-Up Test(Abdominal Endurance), Push-Up Test(Upper Body Endurance), Sit & Reach (Flexibility
Tuesday: Pacer Test (Cardio Respiratory Endurance)
Wednesday: Shuttle Run: Agility Test
Thursday: Game / Make-Up Tests
Friday: Game / Make-Up Tests