May 21 - 25
Monday: Health Natural High WS Google Classroom Due Wednesday.
Tuesday: Ultimate Frisbee
Wednesday: Swork It
Thursday: Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
Friday: Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

April 30 - May 4
Monday: Health: Teens and Alcohol Use
Tuesday: Speedball Games
Wednesday: Swork-It Fitness Development
Thursday:  Speedball Games
Friday: Speedball Games

April 23 - 27
Monday: Volleyball Quiz, Health: Teens and alcohol use
Tuesday: Intro. Speedball/Speed A Way 
Wednesday: Mile 1
Thursday: Speedball/Speed A Way : conversions
Friday: Speedball/

April 16 - 20
Monday: Volleyball Intro Games
Tuesday: TATU Presentation Health Room
Wednesday: Pacer Fitness Development
Thursday: Volleyball Gatorade Tournament
Friday: Volleyball Gatorade Tournament

April 9 - 13
Monday: Health: Tobacco Notes and Quiz
Tuesday: Intro. Volleyball Forearm Passing
Wednesday: Fitness Development: Swork-It
Thursday: Volleyball Overhead Passing (Set)
Friday: Volleyball Serving: Small Games

April 2 - 6
Monday: Health: Nutrition Fed Up Documentary 
Tuesday: Health Fed Up Documentary
Wednesday: Stair Laps
Thursday: Omni Ball Volleyball
Friday: Capture Football

March 26 - April 1 Spring Break

March 19 - 23
Monday: Fitness Testing Push-Ups, Curl-ups, Flexibility
Tuesday: Modified Pull-ups, Trunk Flexibility
Wednesday: Pacer
Thursday: Make Up Day, Game

March 12 - 16
Monday: Health: Influences On Your Health 
Tuesday: Team Handball
Wednesday: SworkIt
Thursday: Team Handball
Friday: Team Handball

March 5 - 9

Monday: Health: Bullying presented by Mrs. Pelton and Mrs. Musgraves
Tuesday: Gatorade Basketball Tourn.
Wednesday: Fitness Development Stair Laps
Thursday: Eskimo Kickball
Friday: 4 Corner Game

Feb. 26 - March 2
Monday: Basketball Shooting Skills/Permission Slip No Regrets Due!
Tuesday: Basketball Small Games
Wednesday: No Regrets Canceled : Sworkit
Thursday:  Health: Managing Anger/Google Classroom
Friday:  Gatorade Tournament

Feb. 20 - 23
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Health 8 Sources of Strength Google Classroom
Wednesday: Pacer
Thursday: Intro Basketball Skills
Friday: Ball Handling/Dribbling Basketball

Feb. 12 - 16
Monday: Heath: Physical Education Terms/Components of Fitness
Tuesday: Gatorade Tournament Floor Hockey
Wednesday: Fitness Development: Stair Laps
Thursday: Final Gatorade Tournament
Friday: Capture the Football

Feb. 5 - 9
Monday: Intro Health - Bring Composition Notebook Room 707
Google Classroom:
Period 2: uicwv
Period 3: nu1i4su
Period 4: 3qcjwdr
Period 6: am1pez
Period 7: ses7be

Tuesday: Floor Hockey Skills
Wednesday: Swork It
Thursday: Hockey Games
Friday: Hockey Games

January 29 - Feb. 2
Monday: Testing Modified Pull-Ups and Trunk Test
Tuesday: Intro. Dynamic Warm-Up and Complete Trunk Test
Wednesday: Pacer Test
Thursday:  Dynamic & Capture the Football
Friday:  Fitness Game Continued

JANUARY 23 - 26:
Tuesday: Assign Lockers and Locks
Wednesday: Procedures Video
Thursday: Fitness Testing 
Friday: Fitness Testing