Mrs. Kennel
    7th Grade PE Team Sports Units (basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, team handball, speedball, ultimate frisbee/football)
    • Students will participate in and learn the rules of a variety of team sports.

    • Students will be able to identify key vocabulary related to each sport/activity.

    • Students will understand the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship and how they are crucial in team sports.

    • Students will conclude each unit with a 10 point quiz.

7th Grade Health


  • Students will meet every Monday in the Health room (707)

  • Students are required to have a small spiral notebook for note taking as well as a writing utensil every week for Health class.

  • Health lessons include powerpoint, video, and personal presentations.

  • Students will take both a Midterm and Final exam in Health.  Both tests are OPEN NOTE, however students are required to use their own personal notes on the exams.

  • In order to make-up and absence in PE the student will be required to do a designated activity during Hawk Time.

To make up an absence in health the student will check the website and go to Google Classroom.


7th Grade PE Presidential Fitness Testing Records:


Sit-ups:  Colton Dee - 74

                 Kaylee Hammer - 61


Shuttle Run: Jose Sanchez - 8.2

                     Jorian Blacker - 9.0

Pull-Ups: Colton Dee - 33

                Reis Lenty - 15


Mile Run: Atonio Fifita - 5:36

                 Katherine Porter - 6:28


Sit & Reach: Zach French - 54

                     Michaela Phillips - 54


Stair Laps:  Tanner Ackerman - 16

                    Lauren Hillam - 14


Pacer:  Atonio Fifita - 118

             Charlee Franssen - 98