Presidential Fitneess Records Pre 2017-18

8th Grade Presidential Fitness Records


Boy...Zach Babneau  81

Girl...Hayle Shroll   75


Boy...Colton Dee   31

Girl...Annie Vigil   13


Boy...Zack French "End of Box"

Girl...Whitney Garcia  “End of Box”

 Torri Fuentes   “End of Box”

 Michaela Phillips   “End of Box”

 Makenna Deppe   “End of Box”

Isabelle Ramos "End of Box"

Kimberly Roberts "End of Box"

Darby Shadwick "End of Box"

Maura Kido "End of Box"

Kimberly Waldron "End of Box"

Shuttle Run:

Boy...Jose Sanchez   8.2 seconds

Girl...Ami Tia   8.8 seconds


Boy...Kaiden Jackman  5:19 minutes

Girl...Mikayla Homer   5:55 minutes

Stair Laps:

Boy...Brenan Woodruff  17 laps

 Edgar Sosa   17 laps

Levi Bailey17 laps

Girl...Amy Agenbroad   14 laps

Pacer Test:

Boy...Trey Cantrell 125

Girl...Allison Wolf 100

8th Grade Presidental Fitness Award:

(This Award goes to 8th grade PE students who complete all FIVE of the Presidential Fitness Tests at the Presidential Level!)

Boy...Talin Davis (2010)

Ethan Naylor (2011)

Victor Bustamante (Spring 2012)

Colton Dee (Fall 2012)

Joe Senn (Fall 2012)

Josh Ball (Spring 2013)

Cory Choate (Spring 2013)

Kyle Pierce (Spring 2013)

Isaih Schlegal (Spring 2013)

Isaac Casebolt (Spring 2014)

Brody Babneau (Fall 2014)

Isaac Crace (Fall 2014)

Tony Earll (Fall 2014) Kaden Gibson (Fall 2015) Jeremiah Skinner (Fall 2015) Aiden Hensley (Spring 2016)

Girl...Makenzie Dimick (2010)

Ashley Gammill (2011)

Abby Duff (Spring 2012)

Emma Skoglund (Fall 2012)

Annie Vigil (Spring 2013)

Kylie Wilson (Spring 2013) Rachel Thuernagle (Fall 2015) Courtney Peterson (Spring 2016) Allison Wolf (Spring 2016) Lexi Short (Spring 2016) Tausala Church (Fall 2016)