OCTOBER 23rd - 26th  Mid-Term Fitness Testing
* There will be no daily participation scores collected this week.  Grades will be based on completing and scoring in the "Healthy Range" on fitness tests.
Monday - Test Curl-ups, Push-ups, Sit & Reach.
Tuesday - Test Height, Weight, Body Composition, Shuttle Run,                       Modified Pull-ups, Trunk Extension
Wednesday - Test Pacer, Complete Sit & Reach or Tuesday tests.                       Complete data sheet with test 2 results and test 3 goals.
Thursday - Mass Games, Test Make-up 
Friday - No school.
October 16th - 20th
Monday - Fitness (Participation)
Tuesday - Golf Introduction (Participation)
               1.  Etiquette, 2. Grip, 3.  Stance, 4. backswing,
               5. Contact
Wednesday - Swarkit  (Participation)
Thursday - Tennis and Archery technique make-ups. (Participation)
                  Friday - Health (Hydration/Sleep) Make-up
                              Golf quiz - make-up
October 9th-13th 
Monday-Archery safety and shooting technique (Participation)
Tuesday- Archery technique evaluation (Participation) (Test Score)
Wednesday- Pacer (Participation)
Thursday- Health (Nutrition) The Five Food Groups make-up
Friday - Health (Nutrition) Nutrients in Your Food make-up
            Archery review and test.  archery make-up

October 2-4th, 2017
Monday-Archery safety, terminology, stance, technique
Tuesday- Archery -Line shooting
Wednesday- Cardiovascular training TBD

September 25-29, 2017

Monday-Thursday:  No Regrets
No Regrets Sexual Risk Avoidance Education program's mission is to empower youth through Abstinence Education by equipping them to make good choices that will positively affect their future goals.  The No Regrets curriculum believes that saving sex until a committed, faithful marriage relationship is the best way to protect against the emotional & physical problems that result from premarital sexual activity.  The ​No Regrets​ coordinators encourage parental led discussions with their students during this series, and are invited to participate in any/all classes if interested.  
Thursday:  Doubles Tennis
Friday:  Mass Games
Fitness data sheets due Friday.
Push-up Technique due Friday (2nd period will finish Monday)

If I did not receive permission for you to participate or were absent for any part of in "No Regrets" your alternative assignments can be found at the following links;

September 18-24, 2017
Monday:  Tennis QUIZ
Make-up quiz at
Tuesday: Intro to Disc Golf, "Par", scoring
Wednesday:  Pacer
Thursday:  Disc Golf 9 hole round
Friday:  PE

September 11-15, 2017 Monday: Tennis Intro Tuesday: Review Tennis Rules; Doubles Tennis Play Wednesday: Mile Thursday: Review Tennis Rules; Doubles Tennis Play, Complete fitness data sheet Friday: HEALTH...5-Components of Fitness

PE Absences will be made-up today during Hawk Time. Report to the gym for make-ups on FRIDAY


September 5-8, 2017 Monday: NO SCHOOL Tuesday: Curl-up, Sit and Reach, Push-up Testing Wednesday: Pacer Thursday: Modified Pull-ups and Trunk Tests Friday: Mass Game

August 29-September 2, 2016

Monday:  Presidential Fitness Testing...Shuttle Run

Tuesday:  Presidential Fitness Testing & Goal Sheets…Flexibility

Wednesday:  Pace Test

Thursday:  Introduction to TENNIS (handgrip; wrist drills)

Friday:  TENNIS (forehand/backhand drills)

PE Absences will be made-up today during Hawk Time (students who were absent during the previous week will receive a “call slip” to report to the gym for make-ups)



August 22-26, 2016
Monday:  Locker/Lock Expectations and Hand-Out
Dressing Down on Wednesday! Be Prepared! Check PE/Fitness website for more information!
Tuesday:  PE/Fitness Expectations
Dressing Down on Tomorrow! Be Prepared! Check PE/Fitness website for more information!
Wednesday:  DRESSING DOWN...Static Warm-Ups & Team Building
Thursday:  Presidential Fitness Testing...Sit-Ups & Pull-Ups
Friday:  Presidential Fitness Testing...Mile Run (weather permitting)