Mr. Kassebaum

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine

8th grade PE:  Lifetime Sport/Activity Units (Tennis, Badminton, Bowling, Pickle Ball, Ping-Pong, Disc Golf, Golf)

* Students will perform at the "Healthy" range or higher on a minimum of 5 out of 6 fitness tests.

*Students will participate in a variety of Lifetime Sports/Activities

*Students will be able to perform necessary sport/activity skills for successful participation in the unit

*Students will be able to identify key vocabulary related to each sport/activity

*Students will be able to identify necessary rules and boundaries for successful participation in each sport/activity

*Students will conclude each unit with a QUIZ

*In order to make-up an absence in PE, students will complete a make-up workout from the "PE Make-up" page (worth 10pts). An absence in Health is made-up by going to the "Agenda" page and following the link provided to participate in the lesson AND take a 10-point quiz.

8th grade Health:

*Students will meet EVERY Friday in the Health room (now located in Room #514)

*Health Lessons include NearPod presentations, video presentations, and personal presentations.

*Students will participate in QUIZZES at the end of each presentation and may utilize their OWN set of notes for reference. There will be a culminating FINAL at the end of the semester; students may utilize their OWN set of notes for reference at this time also.