Advisory is a year long time with the teacher that consists of SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) in the morning for 25 minutes and Advisory (referred to as Hawk Time) in the afternoon for 33 minutes.

* SSR the students are required to read silently for 25 minutes and then fill out a Reading Log using 1 of 5 strategies (Predicting,Questioning/Clarifying, Visualizing, Connecting/ Reacting, Giving Opinion/Evaluating).  Students are graded on filling in title, pages read, total number of pages and attendance.  Each day is worth 5 points.

Students are also required to read 1,800 pages for the year.  This is worth 1,800 points at the end of the year.

*ADVISORY  (Hawk Time) is at the end of the day for 33 minutes and students are given help on struggling subjects, time is given to do homework and certain activities (points are given for participation).

Parent Conferences
Wednesday- Scheduled Conference***5-8
Thursday-Scheduled Conference***8-11, Regular Conference***12-4 and 5-8
Friday-No School

Scheduling for Hawk Time changes from day to day depending on what subject need to help students the most.