7th/8th Grade Reading Strategies

This is a year long class for students who are struggling with reading and reading concepts.  Selection of students is based on previous year grades (mainly Language Arts) teacher recommendation and Core WAVE reading scores.  Studies consist of individual units based on concepts and novel units.  Grading is based on participation, individual concept papers and tests on concepts and novel units.

Monday-Dog Stories Presentation-Caesar
Tuesday-Dog Stories Presentation- Quincy, Josh
Wednesday-Comprehensive Final
Thursday-Comprehensive Final Due
Friday-No School

Monday-Dog Stories Presentation-Rex
Tuesday-Dog Stories Presentation-Snowball, Ike
Wednesday-Dog Stories Presentation-Dirk
Thursday-Dog Stories Presentation-Caesar, Fred
Friday-Dog Stories Presentation-Quincy, Josh

Monday-Placement #6
Tuesday-Placement #7
Wednesday- My Life in Dog Years: Cookie
Thursday-Assign dog stories and read them
Friday-Complete worksheet for dog story

Monday-Introduction to class, 7 minute Assessment, McCleod Assessment
Tuesday-Placement 4th
Wednesday-Placement 5th
Thursday-No School
Friday-No School