8th Grade Pre-Engineering
Semester One

Week 1

  • Introductions

  • Partner project:  “Engineering ABC’s” - Chose an engineering career which you and your partner are interested in and create a 5 or 6 slide powerpoint which you will share with the class.

  • Sketching basics:  Draw the alphabet (all caps.)

Week 2

  • Communication through sketching

  • Sketching

  • Reading a ruler, Ruler game (online)

  • 3D Isometric drawing skills (Isometric Graph Paper)

  • Introduce Orthographic design drawings.

Week 3

Skimmer (Air Racer) design / build project all week.  There will be continued emphasis on your ruler skills.  Racing the skimmers will occur on Friday if all goes as planned.

Week 4

Introduction to Autodesk Inventor software program.  CAD (Computer Aided Design).  We will be working on this for a number of weeks.  This is a very intense learning section and affects all of our building projects from here on to the end of the year.  It is difficult, and takes time to learn.  There will be no homework during this section as they do not have access to the software outside of my room so if they miss school they will have to come in and make up all late or missing work in my lab.

Week 5, 6, and 7

Working on CAD projects from in-class textbook.  Assignments are turned in electronically to the teacher and graded.  We are currently learning new skills everyday that will enable them to become more effective designers so that we can design and build a project.  At this point there is still some confusion on the part of most of my students, but this is expected, the learning curve is high.

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Week 8

We are moving forward in our design process and beginning to create multiple parts which then have to be combined together to create even more detailed parts.  The kids seem to be doing well and catching on.  We are still in the beginner stages of CAD development but moving towards more advanced concepts.  

Winners of the "Shield" contest will be listed below (here's a previous winner).  Pretty cool stuff.

Week 9 and 10

Cube Game Design / Build project

This is our first project where we will actually design the object then go to the shop and build it.  This lesson focuses on their ability to process information on the computer and then put that knowledge to use in the shop.

Week 11 through end of semester.

Dragster design / build project

Our final project of the semester prior to the final will be an exciting unit where we will design and build a Co2 Dragster and race them. This will take a great deal of effort on the part of the students to produce a quality car that both looks good and goes fast.

Mechanical Arm Design Project

2nd Semester

Week 1:  Inventor Software Review
                Furniture Design
                      Four legged stool\
                     Piece of your choice (Table, Chair, Sofa, etc)

Furniture Design: Design furniture using AutoDesk.  There must be a minimum of five parts constrained together. 

Week 2: Bridge Design and Build Project

Week 3:Inventor (CAD) software design stage.

Week 4:Bridge Concepts and Strategies
Cargo Bridge computer game
West Point Bridge Builder Engineering Software

Week 5-6:Bridge Construction in wood shop.

Week 7:  Electronics Vocabulary
Atomic Structure of atoms
Nucleus (Protons, Neutrons
Electron cloud (Electron movement)
Multi-meter introduction: continuity lab

Week 8:  What is electricity?
Relationship of magnetism - electricity
Static Electricity

Week 9:Current Electricity

Week 10:Circuit Design
Schematic Drawings

Week 11-13:Circuit Building
Breadboard Concepts
Snap Circuit Kits

Week 14-16:Mag Lev Vehicle (magnetic levitating vehicle)
Inventor Design of vehicle

Week 17:Build mag lev project in shop

Week 18: Flight and Space
Introduction to principles of flight.