7th Grade Automation & Robotics

7th Grade Automation & Robotics Agenda

Week 1 and 2

  • Robotics Class Introduction

  • Wall E movie evaluation: Compare / Contrast (Robots to Humans)

  • Partner selection and Kit Assignment for building blocks.

  • Vocabulary for first section with Crossword Puzzle.

  • Building practice with partner.

  • What is a Mechanism?  (powerpoint) w/notes

  • Hand out mechanism packets.  (Classroom copies only) Robotics Vocab

Week 3 and 4

Begin building Gear Mechanism projects 1-10.

Mechanisms and Robots (once you see the jibberish, click refresh) click this link to view all automated gear mechanisms which the students will be building as well as all the story problems which they will have to solve once we get to our robotics section of this course.

Week 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

Using our knowledge of building mechanisms to now study the need for, and the use of, prosthetic devices in our day and age. The kids also have to produce a PowerPoint showing the significance of robotics in the development of prosthetic devices in our current age.

We will also begin our unit on computer programming and robotics which will take us through the end of the quarter.  They will have to build a number of different robotic mechanisms which they will program to work in a specific fashion.  This is pretty difficult at first but the kids will catch on quickly and begin to see success after about a week.