Weekly Agenda


Wish List: Tissues, Jumbo Paper Clips, Colored Pencils, Markers

****Daily powerpoints are always provided below-Just click on the day of the week to see the linked powerpoint corresponding with each class. Anything BLUE and UNDERLINED is a link. Click on it.****

September 18-22
Monday: Natives
Tuesday: Columbus
Wednesday: Vocabulary Quiz: Entrepreneur, Commerce & Colony. Taino People
Thursday: Native Book Stations
Friday: Journey Through Slavery  

September 11-September 15

Monday: Navigational Tools and Life at Sea
Tuesday: Navigational Tools and Life at Sea
Wednesday: Explorers
Thursday: Explorers
Friday: Columbus

September 4 - September 8

Monday: Labor Day, No School

Tuesday: 5 Themes of Geography Project

Wednesday: 5 Themes of Geography Project

Thursday: Colonization Overview; Vocabulary (quiz 9/20)

Friday: Purpose for Exploration

August 28 - September 1 Mapping

Monday: Finish Thumbprint Activity; World Map

Tuesday: Finish World Map; Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday: Types of Maps; Battleship; Thumbprint Due

Thursday: Country Research Project

Friday: Country Research Project; World Map Quiz: WHAT IS ON THE QUIZ

Aug 21-Aug 25 WELCOME

Monday: Summer Break

Tuesday: Summer Break




You will need for class daily:


-Notebook (can be a composition notebook or spiral)

-Binder with a history tab

You will need to keep these items in your locker for periodic use:

-Glue (can be liquid or stick)



-Coloring Materials (colored pencils, markers, crayons)