Resources & Challenges
Khan Academy Site

  • AAAmath 
       Provides a wide range of lessons and interactives which enable learning and review to occur at each students current level. 
  • Dr. Math 2 
       A question and answer service for students and teachers. 
  • Professor Freedmans’s Math Help 
       Provides information about basic math, algebra, study skills, math anxiety, and learning styles. 
  • Webmath 
       A homework help tool. 
  • MathThematics 
       Practice problems and tutorials. 
  • Internet4classrooms 
       Loads of stuff to help students with any math concept. 
       Practice all math concepts. 
  • Math games 
       Lots of games 
  • Picrust 
       Practice and games 
  • Apangea Learning 
       Need a password from your school 
  • math is fun 
       Practice and games 
  • Math Made Fun Online 
       Cool things about math