Cell-sational Unit:
DNA Double Helix Reading
DNA Questions and Coloring WS (put on last p. 14)
Page 14's - Nucleus, Nuclear membrane, Chromatin, and Nucleolus (use same set as p.13) Read text for each for the parts and fill in 
 Page 13 - Organelles
 - Read page 24 of text book, Set up p. 13 & finish
page 13 - Cytoplasm
 - Read page 27 of text book, use same format as other p. 13 & finish
Text book pages 23 to 30

WS - goes with PP
PP - All Living Organisms have Cells

p.10 - Cell Theory see outline 
The Wacky history of the Cell Theory Video

p.9 History of the microscope Outline  watch video and fill in blanks)
p9. History of the Microscope  Summary 

Review for Intro to living organisms Test - for retakes
Levels of Organization WS. (On p. 8 of your comp book summary each paragraph, draw and complete the Graphic Organizer)
Classification PPT (copy slides 14 and 16 onto p.7 of comp. book)
Stewart' Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
Summers' Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells (copy notes from slide 8, 9, 12 and put on page 6) 
HW -  
Create a double bubble map using the information gathered from this lesson. Use the following words: unicellular, multicellular, membrane bound organelles, nucleus, bacteria, animal cell and plant cell.
Biotic and Abiotic PPT
HW - Create a story about yourself and include 3 biotic factors and 3 abiotic factors
Characteristics of Living Things PPT