Weekly Agenda


May 14-18

Monday: Finish Jigsaw

Tuesday:  Pre- Columbian Map, Aztecs

Wednesday: Aztecs

Thursday: Aztecs

Friday: Aztecs/Incas May 7-11

Monday: Dinner Party, notes

Tuesday: Age of Exploration Wrap-Up

Wednesday: Columbian Exchange

Thursday: Columbian Exchange, Hamburger analogy

Friday: Conquistadors Jigsaw

April 30-May 4

Monday: Intro to Exploration, notes page 113 (see CB)

Tuesday:  Explorer Dinner Party

Wednesday: Explorer Dinner Party

Thursday:  Columbian Exchange

Friday:  Columbian Exchange

April 23-27

Monday: Renaissance/Reformation Historical Figure Research

Tuesday:  Renaissance/Reformation Historical Figure Research

Wednesday: Renaissance Fair

Thursday:  Historical Figure Speed Dating

Friday:  Map of Exploration

April 16-20

Monday: Henry VIII

Tuesday: Henry VII

Wednesday: Counter Reformation, see comp book for notes

Thursday: Reformation Comic Strip

Friday: Comic Strip

April 9-13

Monday: Renaissance DBQ

Tuesday: Renaissance DBQ, QUIZ

Wednesday: Reformation

Thursday:  Reformation

Friday: Henry VIII

April 2-6

Monday: Intro to Renaissance

Tuesday: Growth of Italian City-States, Debate, pg 88 notes

Wednesday: Humanism, Da Vinci a Renaissance Man?

Thursday:  Tour of Italy Stations

Friday: Tour of Italy Station wrap- up notes

March 12-16

Monday: Black Plague Stations

Tuesday: Finish Stations, Black Plague Project Intro

Wednesday: Black Plague Project

Thursday: Black Plague Project

Friday: Black Plague Project

March 5-9 Monday: Crusades Tuesday: Crusades/Power of the CHurch Wednesday: Review for Final Thursday: Middle Ages Final Friday: Black Plague Stations Feb 26-March 2

Monday:  Feudalism Recap/Simulation

Tuesday:  Church and the Pope

Wednesday:  Church and the Pope, notes pgs 75-77 Thursday: Towns, Guilds, Mr. Zoller’s Podcast

Friday: End of Feudalism

Feb 19-23

Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Coat of Arms, Olympic Research/Enrichment

Wednesday:  Olympic Enrichment

Thursday: Olympic Enrichment

Friday: Olympic Presentations

Feb 12-16

Monday:  Manor Project, Knights

Tuesday:  Knights, Coat of Arms

Wednesday:  Knights (pg 72 Notes) Coat of Arms

Thursday: Knights, Coat of Arms Friday: Coat of Arms

Feb 5- 9

Monday:  Charlemagne, Do or Die, pg 67 notes

Tuesday:  My Feudal School/Feudal Pyramid, pg 68 notes

Wednesday:  Manor’s. Mr. Zoller’s Podcast, pg 70 notes

Thursday: Create a Manor Project

Friday: Create a Manor Project

January 29- February 2

Monday:  Barbarian West, Notes (pg 60)
Tuesday:  Rise of the Franks, Notes (pg 61 graphic organizer, see CB)
Wednesday:  Vikings DBQ
Thursday: Vikings DBQ
Friday: Norse Gods

January 22-26

Monday: No School, Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: Europe Pre-Test, Europe Enrichment

Wednesday:  Map of Europe

Thursday: Map of France

Friday:  Barbarian West, Notes

January 15-22

Monday: No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday: Great Schism/Nika Revolt

Wednesday:  Nika Revolt, Study Guide

Thursday: Post Test, Review

Friday: Byzantine Unit Final

January 8-12


Monday: Constantinople DBQ

Tuesday: DBQ

Wednesday: Jigsaw of Hagia Sophia, Theodora, Justinian Code & Byzantine Empire

Thursday: Jigsaw of Hagia Sophia, Theodora, Justinian Code & Byzantine Empire

Friday: Jigsaw Notes /Annotated Illustrations

January 2-6

Monday: No School

Tuesday: No School

Wednesday: Pre-Test, Map of the Byzantine Empire

Thursday: Eastern Empire Survives Friday: Byzantine Empire

December  11-15

Monday: Africa Learning Menu

Tuesday: Africa Learning Menu

Wednesday: Africa Learning Menu

Thursday: Africa Learning Menu

Friday: Africa Learning Meny due TODAY!

December 4- 8


Monday: Africa Learning Menu

Tuesday: Africa Learning Menu

Wednesday:Africa Learning Menu Thursday: Africa Learning Menu Friday: Africa Learning Menu

November 26- December 1


Monday: Intro to Africa

Tuesday: Map of Africa, instructions (if you do not have the textbook google the items you need to label)

Wednesday:Songhai, GRAPES Thursday: Ghana, GRAPES, worksheet Friday: Mali, annotations, GRAPES

November 13-17

Monday: Yuan Dynasty Literature Circle

Tuesday: Literature Circle

Wednesday:Literature Circle/Ming Dynasty, Study Guide, pg 40:Mongol notes Thursday: Post- Test, Review Game

Friday: China Unit Final Part 2 November 6-10

Monday: Tang Dynasty, notes for page 36 Tuesday: Tang Dynasty, Empress Wu pg 37

Wednesday: Song Dynasty, Foot Binding Thursday: Foot-binding Friday: Foot-binding notes pg 38

October 30- Nov 3 Monday: Sui Dynasty STADS

Tuesday: Sui Dynasty STADS notes, Sui Quiz

Wednesday: Tang Dynasty, Conferences Thursday: No School, Conferences Friday: No School

October 23-27 Monday: Silk Road Tuesday: Silk Road, Study Guide Wednesday: Kahoot Review Thursday: Quarter 1 Final Friday: No School, Teacher-Work Day
October 16-20

Monday: Han Newspaper Final Draft

Tuesday:Presentations, Gallery Walk of Han

Wednesday: Gallery Walk

Thursday: Silk Road

Friday: Han Quiz, Silk Road, Review Game

October 9-13

Monday: Chinese Philosophies T-chart, see CB pg 24

Tuesday: Han Dynasty, see pg 25 in CB

Wednesday: Han Newspaper

Thursday: Han Newspaper

Friday: Han Newspaper

October 2-6

Monday: Chinese Philosophies Jigsaw

Tuesday: Finish Jigsaw, Notes on pg 22 in CB, Timeline (pg 20)

Wednesday: Legalism, Qin Dynasty

Thursday: NO SCHOOL


September 25-29 Monday: Pre-Test, China’s Geography, Mr. Zoller’s Podcast

Tuesday: Podcast, China Vocabulary

Wednesday: Dynastic Cycle & Mandate of Heaven

Thursday: Create a comic about the Dynastic Cycle

Friday: Review of Dynastic Cycle, Dynasty Timeline

Sept 18-22

Monday: Map Unit Final, Amusement Park Due

Tuesday: Why Study History? (notes)

Wednesday: Why Study History?

Thursday: China Geography (notes) Friday: China Timeline/Vocab (notes)

Sept 11-15
Landforms (notes)
Landforms, Amusement Park Project Instructions
Amusement Park Project
Thursday: Amusement Park Project
Amusement Park Project due Monday!

Sept 4 - 8
No School
Tuesday: Grid, Latitude, Longitude Practice in class
Latitude, Longitude Stations
Map Review Packet
Map Review Packet

August 28- Sept 1

Monday: Comp Book Set- Up, World Map, Hemispheres, Cardinal Directions
Tuesday: Types of Maps (notes pg 3 in CB), Hemispheres & Cardinal Directions (notes pg 4 in CB)
Wednesday: Features of a Map, Scale 
Thursday: Scale
Friday: Scale, Grid, Latitude & Longitude

August 23-25th

Wednesday: Class Expectations, Parent Letter, Matrix
Thursday:  Classroom Walk, Matrix, Bingo
Friday: Matrix, Pre-Test