Class Expectations and Retake Policy

Classroom Rules
1. Be respectful and courteous to yourself, others, and our classroom
2. Be prepared with your supplies and a positive attitude everyday
3. Always try your best

Class Expectations 

Be respectful
- Students are expected to be respectful to their teachers and peers

Be punctual
- Students are expected to be in their assigned seat when the bell ring 

Be prepared and focused
- Students are expected to have their supplies (binder, paper, & pencil) with them everyday
- Students are expected to stay on task

Be your best
- Students are expected to study and be complete in their classwork and homework, and be their best 

Retake Policy​​ 

- Any time a student scores below a C on a test, a retake test request slip will be available for students.

- The student must study 25 minutes, validate study time by an adult signature, and attend a lunch retake session. 

- Retake session are only available on Fridays (unless otherwise stated).

- Retakes are offered once during the week of the quiz or test. If the time offered doesn't work for a student, they need to make arrangements with me prior to the retake offered. The deadline to retake a test is at the end of the quarter.

- Retakes are available for all students. 

- Tuesday Tests and Unit Tests will be made up of information from their notes and articles given in class.