Daily Agenda

Weekly Agenda

Monday, October 16th:   RACE Response to “Sorry, Wrong Number”.

Tuesday, October 17th:  Practice using Context Clues.  Read “Sleepy Hollow” from Scope Magazine.

Wednesday, October 18th: Practice using Context Clues.  Cite Text Evidence from “Sleepy Hollow”; RL.1 Assessment.

Thursday, October 19th:  Practice using Context Clues.  Read the Giver through Chapter 20.

Friday, October 20th:  Context Clues Assessment.  Read the Giver through Chapter 23.

Monday, September 19th:
Visit the library to become acquainted with how to find what you need in the library.  Read Chapter 6 of The Giver.

Tuesday, September 20th: Answer Study Guide Questions for Chapters 5 and 6.  Vocab Quiz from The Giver.

Wednesday, September 21st:  Learn how to use context clues to define vocabulary.

Thursday, September 22nd:  Read Chapters 9 and 10.  Begin a prewrite for The Ceremony of 12.

Friday, September 23rd:  Write rough draft for Ceremony of 12 essay.

Monday, September 12th:  Make sure classes are caught up with Setting and Character notes and have read through Chapter 2 of The Giver.

Tuesday, September 13th:  Chapter 1 and 2 Vocabulary.  Cite textual evidence from the novel to show how Jonas feels about the upcoming Ceremony of Twelve.

Wednesday, September 14th: Introduce Compare and Contrast.  Read Chapter 4 of The Giver.

Thursday, September 15th:  Answer study guide questions for Chapters 1-4.

Friday, September 16th:  Draw the apple as a symbol of change.  Cite textual evidence about the apple and Jonas’s reactions.  Read Chapter 5.

May 16th, Monday:  Autobiographical Writing About School

May 17th, Tuesday:  Thesis Statement practice.

May 18th, Wednesday:  Taking a stand.  Persuasive Essay.

May 19th, Thursday:  Persuasive Essay.

May 20th, Friday:  Finals Study Time.

May 9th, Monday:  Scope Magazine-Informational Writing
May 10th, Tuesday:  Scope Magazine-Informational Writing

May 11th, Wednesday:  Scope Magazine-Informational Writing

May 12th, Thursday:  Star Testing

May 13th, Friday:  Informational Writing May 2nd, Monday:  1. 30 Little Known Things About Myself.

May 3rd, Tuesday:  2. Bug Me List (20 things I love and 20 things that bug me in a T-chart)., 3. V.I.P. List (10 people who are on my V.I.P. List and then choose the MOST V.I.P. person and write a paragraph of 6 to 8 sentences about that person).  For example:  Pick one person from your list you believe people should know more about and share a story illustrating your reason for their importance in your life.  Give a specific example to illustrate the characteristic of importance.  For example, if you appreciate your sister because of her creativity, give a specific example of how and when she was creative.  Also, consider adding in anything else that makes them unique or interesting.

May 4th, Wednesday:  4. In My Opinion…List 10 things you strongly believe.  These things could be things impacting you as a teenager, about school, or world-wide issues.  Some examples students have written are below.  Write yours as a bulleted list.

Student Examples:

●          Teenagers should start school later than 7am.

●          One Direction is the best musical group of all time.

●          Parents should not smoke around their children.

May 5th, Thursday:  Write a narrative story with three characters;  Punctuation Overview.

May 6th, Friday:  Finish narrative story rough draft; Punctuation Quiz.

Monday the 25th:  Read “Boy:  Tales of Childhood”; Quiz on Titanic Vocab.

Tuesday the 26th:  Analyze two poems for figurative language.  Read “Zebra” by Chaim Potok.

Wednesday the 27th:  

Thursday the 28th:  Math ISAT for Chandler’s Advisory

Friday:  NO SCHOOL

Monday the 18th:  ISAT/SBACS for Chandler’s advisory.

Tuesday the 19th:  Make sure poetry books are turned in.  Read article in Scope magazine.

Wednesday the 20th:  Read “Titanic” in literature book.  Write an opinion about what caused the mighty ship to sink.

Thursday the 21st:  Finish writing the Titanic opinion piece.  Write a summary.

Friday the 22nd:  Vocabulary Quiz on Titanic.

April 4-8, 2016

Monday the 4th:  List Poems and Shape Poems

Tuesday the 5th:  Analyze a poem for THEME and MOOD.

Wednesday the 6th:  SYMBOLISM and IMAGERY

Thursday the 7th:  ALLITERATION and PERSONIFICATION.  Listen to “The Highwayman”.

Friday the 8th:  Read “The Highwayman”.  Analyze for poetic devices.

Monday, March 7th-11th, 2016

Monday the 7th :  Read Chapters 18 and 19 of While the World Watched.

Tuesday the 8th:  Study for the Final.

Wednesday the 9th:  Take the Final.

Thursday the 10th:  Analyze MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  

Friday the 11th:  Students are off but teachers have a work day.

Monday, February 15-19, 2016

Monday 2-15: No school due to President’s Day.

Tuesday 2-16:  ICivics Lesson 5:  “Yeah, but…” or “Yabbut Rabbit”; Library for
half the period.

Wednesday 2-17:  Lesson 6:  The Dreaded Outline

Thursday 2-18:  Lesson 7:  Emphasize, Minimize

Friday 2-19:  Lesson 8:  From Outline to Essay!

Monday, February 8-12, 2016

Monday 2-8:  Introduce students to ICivics via Power Point.

Tuesday 2-9:  Close Read an article about students’ rights.  Underline evidence.

Wednesday 2-10:  Lesson 3 “Lookin’ for Evidence” Power Point.  Exhibits and Witness Statements.  

Thursday 2-11:  Lesson 4 “No Rambling Allowed”.  Crafting Your Argument.

Friday 2-12:  No school, so sleep in and then read.

January 25-29, 2016

Monday 1/25/16:  Read While the World Watched Chapters 3 and 4; Study Guide Questions

Tuesday 1/26/16:  Langston Hughes poem “Theme for English B”; Quiz on Vocab 1

Wednesday 1/27/16:  Read Chapters 5 and 6; Study Guide Questions
Thursday 1/28/16:  Turn in your “Poem for English 3, 4, 5, or 7”; Chapters 1-5 While the World Watched quiz

Friday 1/29/16:  Go over Common Core verbs; Read Chapter 7 of While the World Watched

January 18-22, 20161/18/16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day--no school1/19/16: STAR Testing; research female Civil Rights Activist1/20/16: Read Chapter 2 of While the World Watched; Study Guide Questions1/21/16: Read "Theme for English B" by Langston Huges; begin writing our own theme1/22/16: Read Chapter 3 of While the World Watched; new Common Core Verb: EVALUATEJanuary 11-15, 2016

Monday/11th:  Begin reading While the World Watched
Tuesday/12th:  New vocabulary Verb; Study Guide Questions and Vocabulary
Wednesday/13th:  Chapter 2; Study Guide Questions
Thursday/14th:  Read about Ghandi and write a summary.  

Friday/15th:  CC Verb Quiz; Chapter 3

January 4-8, 2016

Monday/4th:  No school for students.

Tuesday/5th:  Revisit classroom rules; review final from Quarter II

Wednesday/6th:  Roots, prefixes, suffixes-flash cards

Thursday/7th:  Roots, prefixes, suffixes-flash cards

Friday/8th:  Common Core Verb:  “DEVELOP”; Civil Rights Movement KWL  December 14-18, 2015

December 14th:  Students will practice finding text structure with signal words and phrases.

December 15th:  Students will practice finding and using text evidence.  Students will write to a task.

December 16th:  Vocabulary and verb review.

December 17th:  Final Exam-odd classes.

December 18th:  Final Exam-even classes.

December 7-11, 2015

December 7th:  Spelling Lesson 9; Students will write a Character Sketch about a friend.  Students will peer edit another student’s writing.

December 8th:  Analyze the poem:  Students will write a final draft of their character sketch.  

December 9th:  Students will use their spelling words in a story, using possessives and plurals correctly.  

December 10th:  Go over Common Core Verbs.  Introduce “Determine”.  Students will do 3 activities.  Students will read an essay about WWII Refugees.

December 11th:  Students will write an opinion essay using textual evidence from our article.

November 30-December 4, 2015

November 30th:  Spelling Lesson 8; Read “The Golden Lie” in Scope Magazine.      
    Write about the theme.

December 1st:  Analyze the poem:  “Those Winter Sundays”.  

December 2nd:  Go over Common Core Verbs.  Introduce “Describe”.

December 3rd:  Read “Should Kids Do Extreme Sports?” and an article on the science behind risk-taking.  Analyze for “synthesis” and then establish the text structures used in the article.

December 4th:  Spelling Test 8 (not 6th or 7th Periods).  7th Period has

    Spelling Test 7);  Write a short essay.

    6th Period will write a short essay.  

November 9-13

Monday/9th:  Text Structure Quiz; Read Scope article “Attack of the Man-Eaters”.

Hand in “Articulate” homework.  Spelling Lesson 6.

**6th Period is also writing a letter to the Nike Corporation.    

Tuesday/10th:  Read Scope article “Meet the Lion Whisperer”.  Take a quiz over Citing Evidence from yesterday and today’s reading.  New vocabulary words:  “Compare” and “Contrast”.  

Wednesday/11th:   Test over “Analyze”, “Articulate”.  Do three activities for the new verbs:  “Compare” and “Contrast”.

Thursday/12th:  Write an informative paragraph using our two texts for this week.  Include a hook, the central idea, 2 or 3 pieces of textual evidence that is cited correctly, and a conclusion.  

Friday/13th:  Spelling Test 6.  Quiz over words from the texts.  Students will need to identify the part of speech, find its precise meaning using a dictionary, and find its accurate pronunciation.  Edit a passage in the November Scope.

November 2-6

Monday/2nd:  Read Scope article “‘Why Are Your Clothes So Cheap?”

Review domain vocabulary.  Preview with a video.  Spelling Lesson 5.  Test on “Analyze”.  

Tuesday/3rd:  Text Structure for “Why Are Your Clothes So Cheap?”  Summarize the article.  New vocabulary word:  “Articulate”.

Wednesday/4th:  Close Reading Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.  “Articulate”.  

Thursday/5th:  Central Ideas and Details for article.  “Why Are Your Clothes So Cheap?” quiz.

October 26-30

Monday/26th:  Spelling Lesson 4 (see word list below).  Chapter 20 and answer Study Guide Questions.

Tuesday/27th:  Compound and Complex Sentences.  The Giver Chapter 22 and answer Study Guide questions.

Wednesday/28th:  Finish The Giver and assign final project.  

Thursday/29th:  Introduce Scope article.

Friday/30th:  Spelling Test.  Scope “Sleepy Hollow” story.


October 19-23

Monday/19th:  Read The Giver.  Chapter 18.  Answer Study Guide Questions.

Tuesday/20th:  Simple and Complex Sentences.  The Giver and answer Study Guide questions.

Wednesday/21st:  Compound Sentences.  The Giver and answer Study Guide questions.  Student-led Conferences from 2 pm to 8 pm.  

Thursday/22nd:  Students have no school, but they have Student-led Conferences from 8 am to 8 pm.

Friday/23rd:  No School

October 12-15 is the end of the Quarter. Finals are on the 14th and 15th.October 5-9

Monday/5th:  Read The Giver.  Finish reading up to Chapters 12 and 13.  RL.7.3, RL. 7.5

Tuesday/6th:  Argument Discussion and Response on “Malala”; spelling bee.

Wednesday/7th:  Read The Giver and answer Study Guide questions.  

Thursday/8th:  Read The Giver and answer Study Guide questions.  

Friday/9th:  Spelling Test 3

September 21-25

Monday/21st:  Vocabulary from Chapters 3 and 4 of The Giver.   Finish Study Guide Questions for Chapters 3 and 4.  

Tuesday/22nd:  New Spelling Lesson-Three

Wednesday/23rd:  Chapters 4 and 5 of The Giver and Study Guide Questions.  

Thursday/24th:  Chapters 6 and 7 of The Giver and fill out a symbolism chart.  Study Plot Map.  

Friday/25th:  Vocabulary Test on Chapters 1-4 of The Giver

Spelling Lesson 1The Giver Complete Text

The Giver Study Guide Questions Chapters 1-23The Giver Vocabulary-all

Spelling Lesson 2

Spelling Lesson 3  



Monday/September 14th:  Vocabulary from Chapter I of The Giver.  Mood.

Tuesday/15th:  Finish Study Guide Questions for Chapter 1.  Read Chapter 2.

Wednesday/16th:  Chapter 2 of The Giver and Study Guide Questions.  Fill in Setting, Mood, New/Unknown Words, and Rituals.

Thursday/17th:  Practice Spelling words-write a short story about a Dystopian Society using at least 15 of your spelling words.

Friday/18th:  Spelling Test on Spelling Lesson 2 Words; Read Chapter 3 of The Giver.

Tuesday/8th:  Read “Examination Day”, watch the short film, then list commonalities and differences of “Harrison Bergeron” and “Examination Day”.  These will be written into a short essay.

Wednesday/9th:  Finish short essay on “Harrison Bergeron” and Examination Day”.  Write about the THEMES in both stories.

Thursday/10th:  STAR Testing.  Read “The Lottery”.

Friday/11th:  Introduce vocabulary for The Giver.

Monday/31st:  Discussion Day 4-5; Notes on Utopias and Dystopias

Tuesday/1st:  Discussion Day 6 (Quality of Comments); Finish notes on Dystopias

Dytopian Notes

Wednesday/2nd:  Discussion Day 7 (Active Listening); Read Harrison Bergeron

Thursday/3rd:  Discussion Day 8 (Text-Dependent Responses); Text Structure in Literature

Friday/4th:  Discussion Day 9 (Repeat Day 8); Text Structure in Informational Text

Spelling Lesson 1

August 24-28  Students need to bring a composition book, loose leaf paper in a folder or 3 ring binder, and pens and pencils to every class.  Highlighters, erasers, and personal pencil sharpeners are also very welcome.

Classroom Rules and Procedures

Monday/24th:   Turn in “All About You” Prewrite.  Read “Seventh Grade”.

Tuesday/25th:  Library Tour; Write a Recall of “Seventh Grade”.

Wednesday/26th:  Spelling Lesson 1;  Discussion Day 1.

Thursday/27th:  Discussion Day 2.  Take notes on Utopian/Dystopian literature.  

Friday/28th:  Discussion Day 3.  Watch Dystopian clips and read “Harrison Bergeron”.