Weekly Agenda

Monday(4/23): Research Famous Renaissance Person

Tuesday(4/24): Research Famous Renaissance Person      

Wednesday(4/25): Renaissance Fair       

Thursday(4/26):  Famous Renaissance Person Activity   

Friday(4/27): The Age of Exploration    

Monday(4/2: Introduction to the Renaissance

Tuesday(4/3): The Renaissance; Humanism, Realism, famous artists         

Wednesday(4/4): Da Vinci/ The Renaissance Man; Italian City States       

Thursday(4/5): Tour of ‘Renaissance Italy’ Stations  

Friday(4/6): ‘Tour of Renaissance’ Italy Stations    

Monday(2/12) : Mr. Zoller’s Manorialism; Create a Manor Project    

Tuesday:(2/13):  Create a Manor Project; Knights        

Wednesday:(2/14): Coat of Arms     

Thursday:(2/15): Coat of Arms; The Pope    

Friday:(2/16):  Medieval Towns and Guilds    

Monday(2/5) : Review Barbarians, Franks, and Vikings (Graphic Organizer); Norse Myths Trading Cards    

Tuesday:(2/6):  Finish Norse Myths Trading Cards; Feudal Pyramid      

Wednesday:(2/7):  My Feudal School; Mr. Zollers Manorialism   

Thursday:(2/8):  Create a Manor  

Friday:(2/9):  Create a Manor  

Monday(1/15) :  Holiday/Martin Luther King Jr. Day  

Tuesday:(1/16): Byzantine Empire Pic Collage; Nika Rebellion and the Great Schism PPT   

Wednesday:(1/17):The Decline and Fall of the Byzantine Empire; Post Test   

Thursday:(1/18): Review for Byzantine Test

Friday:(1/19):  Byzantine Test; End of quarter

Monday(1/8) :  Byzantine Empire Concept Web; Byzantine Empire DBQ  

Tuesday:(1/9): Byzantine Empire DBQ; Byzantine Empire Writing Prompt   

Wednesday:(1/10):Byzantine Empire Jigsaw Activity   

Thursday:(1/11): Byzantine Empire Jigsaw Activity cont.

Friday:(1/12):  Byzantine Empire Salad Bowl Activity

Monday (12/4):  Empires of Africa Group Activity

Tuesday (12/5):  Empires of Africa Group Activity cont.

Wednesday (12/6):  Africa Learning Menu

Thursday (12/7):  Africa Learning Menu

Friday (12/8): Africa Learning Menu

Monday (11/26):  Africa Geography; Africa Nearpod on Climate Zones

Tuesday (11/27):  Landcover Map of Africa; Africa Geography Powerpoint

Wednesday (11/29):  Landcover Map of Africa; Africa Geography Video  

Thursday (11/ 30):  Landcover Map of Africa; Africa Geography Textbook

Friday (12/1): Landcover map of Africa due today; African Empires Songhai, Ghana, and Mali

Monday (11/6):  Tang Dynasty Create A Quiz

Tuesday (11/7):  Tang Dynasty Create A Quiz; Empress Wu

Wednesday (11/8):  Song Dynasty  

Thursday (11/ 9):  Song Dynasty; Footbinding

Friday (11/10):  Yuan Dynasty; Lit Circle

Monday (10/30):   Chinese Culture and Tradition Past and Present

Tuesday (10/31): Sui Dynasty STAD Model

Wednesday (11/1):  Sui Dynasty STAD Model/Quiz  

Thursday (11/2):  SLCs/No School  

Friday (11/3):  No School

Monday (10/23):   Silk Road Activity Part 1 Group Posters

Tuesday (10/24): Silk Road Activity Part 2 Trading Simulation; 1st Quarter Final Study Guide and Review Game

Wednesday (10/25):  1st Quarter Final Study Guide  

Thursday (10/26):  1st Quarter Final  

Friday (10/27):  No School/Teacher Work Day  

Monday (10/16):   Chinese Inventions Gallery Walk

Tuesday (10/17): Chinese Inventions Gallery Walk cont.; Han Newspaper activity

Wednesday (10/18):  Han Newspaper Activity

Thursday (10/19):  Silk Road Activity  

Friday (10/20):  Han Dynasty Quiz; Silk Road Activity; Review  

Monday (10/9):   Chinese Philosophies T-Chart

Tuesday (10/10): Han Dynasty Guided Reading; Dynastic Timeline

Wednesday (10/11):  Han Newspaper; China Geography

Thursday (10/12):  Han Newspaper  

Friday (10/13):  Han Newspaper  

Monday (10/2):  Chinese Philosophies Jigsaw Activity

Tuesday (10/3): Chinese Philosophies Jigsaw Activity cont.

Wednesday (10/4): Legalism/Qin Dynasty    

Thursday (10/5):  No School     

Friday (10/6):  No School             

Monday (9/25):  China Pre-Test; Mr. Zoller’s Podcast (China’s Geography); China KWL Chart

Tuesday (9/26): Finish Podcast; KWL; Map of China

Wednesday (9/27):  Dynastic Cycle/Mandate of Heaven  

Thursday (9/28): Dynastic Cycle Comic Strip    

Friday (9/29):  Finish Comic Strip; Dynasty Timeline           

Monday (9/18):  Map Unit Test/ Part II; Amusement Park Project is due tomorrow!

Tuesday (9/19):  Present Amusement Park Projects; Why Study History Activity  

Wednesday (9/20):  Why Study History Activity cont.

Thursday (9/21): The Grapes; Geography of China   

Friday (9/22):  Chinese Dynasties Timeline         

Mon. (5/15):  The Mayan Codex

Tues. (5/16): The Mayan Codex; Inca Tuesday Test   

Wed. (5/17):  The Aztecs; 20 Astonishing Facts about the Aztecs        

Thurs. (5/18): Aztec Vocab  

Fri. (5/19):  Aztec Vocab

Our Cereal Box Project begins next week!  Please bring in your empty cereal boxes.  Thank you!!    Mon. (5/8): The Incas

Tues. (5/9): Tuesday Test Explorers; Incas Meet and Greet    

Wed. (5/10):  Incas Meet and Greet cont.; Inca Tic Tac Toe     

Thurs. (5/11): Inca Tic Tac Toe   

Fri. (5/12):  Mayan Mystery         

Mon. (4/17):  The Counter-Reformation/Create a Quiz

Tues. (4/18):  Finish The Counter-Reformation/Create a Quiz    

Wed. (4/19):   Reformation and Counter-Reformation Wrap-up notes; Comic Strip; Study Guide  

Thurs. (4/20): Finish Study Guide; Comic Strip

Fri. (4/21):  Renaissance and Reformation Unit Test     

Mon. (4/3):  Nearpod presentation on the Renaissance

Tues. (4/4):  The Development of the Italian City-States     

Wed. (4/5):   Who was Leonardo da Vinci?  

Thurs. (4/6): Tour of Renaissance Italy

Fri. (4/7):  Tour Renaissance Italy     

Mon. 3/13:   Black Death Gallery Walk

Tues. 3/14:  Tuesday Test (Black Death); Every day Life in the Renaissance   

Wed. 3/15:   The Crusades

Thurs. 3/16: A Kid’s Life in Italy; Middle Ages Learning Centers

Fri. 3/17:  Middle Ages Learning Centers  

Mon. 3/6:   Write Medieval Town Charter and Map

Tues. 3/7:  Tuesday Test; Finish Town Charter and Map (due Wed)   

Wed. 3/8:   The Black Plague Primary Source/Activity

Thurs. 3/9: The Crusades/The Black Plague   

Fri. 3/10:  The Black Plague  

Mon. 2/27:   Finish Knights Graphic Organizer; Coat of Arms (due Wednesday)

Tues. 2/28:  Tuesday Test (Knights); Continue work on Coat of Arms (Due tomorrow)   

Wed. 3/1:     Coat of Arms due today! The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church in Medieval Europe

Thurs. 3/2:  Medieval Towns/Guilds   

Fri. 3/3: Write a Medieval Town Charter  

Mon. 2/20:   President’s Day/No School

Tues. 2/21:   The Medieval Manor System

Wed. 2/22:   Tuesday Test over Feudalism and the Manor System; Castles

Thurs. 2/23:  Castles, Knights, Coat of Arms   

Fri. 2/24: Knights and Coat of Arms   

Mon. 2/13:  Feudalism

Tues. 2/14:  Tuesday Test over Middle Ages Invasions; Feudal Pyramid

Wed. 2/15:   My Feudal School

Thurs. 2/16: Create a Manor   

Fri. 2/17: No School   

Mon. 2/6:  Middle Ages Vocabulary; Rise of the Franks (2-column notes)

Tues. 2/7:  Tuesday Test over European Geography; Finish notes on the Franks; Europe Travel Journal

Wed. 2/8:   ‘The Vikings’ Packet

Thurs. 2/9:  Charlemagne; Feudal System/Feudal Pyramid  

Fri. 2/3:  The Feudal School; Manor System  

Mon. 1/30:  A Cultural Comparison Between France and Italy; Europe overview

Tues. 1/31: Political/Physical Feature Map of Europe (list, label, and color)

Wed. 2/1: Overview of France; Political/Physical Feature Map of France; European Travel Journal

Thurs. 2/2: European Travel Journal; Middle Ages/Europe Vocabulary  

Fri. 2/3:  The Rise of the Franks

Mon. 1/23:  Constantinople DBQ due; Byzantine Empire Jigsaw Activity

Tues. 1/24:  Finish Byzantine Empire Jigsaw Activity; Constantinople Packet and Notes; Byzantine Empire Unit Test Study Guide

Wed. 1/25:  The Great Schism; Continue work on Byzantine Empire Study Guide

Thurs. 1/26:  Review for Byzantine Empire Unit Test

Fri. 1/27:  Byzantine Empire Unit Test; Europe Travel Journal

Mon. 11/28:  Africa KWL Chart; Africa Culture Nearpod

Tues. 11/29:  No Tuesday Test; Political Map of Africa (countries and capitals)

Wed. 11/30:  Landcover/Physical Features Map of Africa

Thurs. 12/1:  Finish Africa Maps; Middle Ages African Empires Foldable

Fri. 12/2: African Empires Foldable cont.; Intro to Africa Learning Menu

Mon. 11/14:  Song Dynasty/Socratic Seminar

Tues. 11/15:  No Tuesday Test; Socratic Seminar Reflection; Mongols (begin webquest)

Wed. 11/16:  Webquest; Nearpod (Kublai Khan and the Yuan Dynasty)

Thurs. 11/17:  Analyzing Mulan

Fri. 11/18:  Analyzing Mulan cont.

Mon. 11/7:  Finish Empress Wu T-Chart; Song Dynasty Pre-Read;

Tuesday Test tomorrow over the Tang Dynasty and Empress Wu

Tues. 11/8:  Tuesday Test (Tang Dynasty and Empress Wu); Song Dynasty (foot binding) ppt; Socratic Seminar Introduction

Wed. 11/9:  Socratic Seminar Research

Thurs. 11/10:  Socratic Seminar Discussion

Fri. 11/11:  Socratic Seminar Wrap-Up and Introduction to the Yuan Dynasty

Mon. 10/31: Sui Dynasty STADs Review Model

Tues. 11/1:  Sui Dynasty STADs Review Model and Tues. Test

Wed. 11/2:  Tang Dynasty; Empress Wu

Thurs. 11/3:  Tang Dynasty; Empress Wu

Fri. 11/4:  Song Dynasty; Socratic Seminar

Mon. 10/24:  Finish Silk Road Map; Han Dynasty Handout and Questions; Silk Road Trade Activity

Tues. 10/25:  Silk Road Trade Activity; Review for First Quarter Final

Wed. 10/26:  First Quarter Final; Student Led Conferences

Thurs. 10/27:  Student Led Conferences

Fri.  10/28:  No School

Mon. 10/17:  The Qin Dynasty:  Great Wall Presentations; (Tuesday Test tomorrow over Chinese Bingo Card and Chinese Philosophies T-Chart)

Tues. 10/18:  Tuesday Test; Qin Dynasty STADS Review Model

Wed. 10/19:  Qin Dynasty STADS Review Model

Thurs. 10/20:  Han Dynasty Gallery Walk

Fri.  10/21:  Han Dynasty Gallery Walk and Silk Road

Mon. 10/10:  Finish Shang Dynasty Appointment Clock; Zhou Insert Activity

Tues. 10/11:  Zhou Tuesday Test; Finish Zhou Insert Activity; Chinese Philosophy Jigsaw

Wed. 10/12:  Chinese Philosophy Jigsaw cont.

Thurs. 10/13:  Zhou Dynasty Graffiti; Qin Dynasty

Fri. 10/14:  Qin Dynasty

Mon.  9/26:  Map of China; Label and color

Tues. 9/27:  Tuesday Test (Mr. Zoller’s Podcast); Finish Map of China

Wed. 9/28:  Chinese Dynasty Timeline

Thurs. 9/29:  Kid’s Life in China; The Dynastic Cycle; China Vocabulary

Fri. 9/30:  China Vocabulary; Shang Dynasty Appointment Clock

Mon.  9/19:  Asia Atlas Challenge; Review Rubric for Amusement Park Project-Due tomorrow!
Tues. 9/20:  Tuesday Test (over Amusement Park Presentations); Amusement Park projects due/small group presentations

Wed. 9/21:  KWL of China, Map of China

Thurs. 9/22:  Mr. Zoller’s Podcast (The Geography of China); Finish maps

Fri. 9/23:  Kid’s Life in China; Timeline of Dynasties