Quarter 1 Accelerated Math 6
Friday Sept 22nd 
Lesson 2.3.1:  Students will use generic rectangle area models to represent multiplication of multi-digit numbers.  

Composotion book:  pages 25 and 25 

Homework:  problems  2-55 to 2-59 

Thursday Sept 21st 
Lesson 2.2.2 and Lesson 2.2.3:  Students will extend their understanding of area and will explore how area and perimeter affect one another using base ten blocks.  

Composition book:  page 22 and 23 

Homework:  problems #2-46 to 2-50

Wednesday Sept 20th
Lesson 2.2.2 and 2.2.3:  Students will extend their understanding of area.  We will also begin exploring how area and perimeter affect one another. 

Composition book:  page 21

Homework:  problems #2-34 to 2-38

Tuesday Sept 19th 
Lesson 2.2.1 and 2.2.2:  Students will explore are of 2-dimensional figures and define "unit of measure"  

Composition book:  page 19 and 20 

Homework:  #2-24 to 2-28

Monday Sept 18th 
Lesson 2.1.1 and Lesson 2.1.2  Students will analyze the strength and weaknesses of dot plots, bar graphs and venn diagrams.  Students will learn how to collect data and display the data in a stem-and-leaf plot and a histogram.  

Composition book:  page 17 and 18 

Homework:  2-6, 7, 9, 17, 18, 19

Friday Sept 15th 
Checkpoint Quiz #1 

We set up our composition books for Chapter Two (page 15 and 16)

No Homework

Thursday Sept 14th 
Chapter One Closure 

Composition book:  page 13 and 14 

No Homework 

Wednesday Sept 13th 
Lesson 1.2.4  Students will write numbers as a product of its prime factors using exponents 

Composition book:  page 11 and 12 

Homework:  problems 1-91 to 1-94 

Tuesday Sept 12th 
Lesson 1.2.4  Students will used an extended multiplication table to further develop their understanding of factors, factor pairs and properties of numbers.  

Composition book:  page 11

Homework:  problems 1-85 to 1-90

Monday Sept 11th 
I was absent today (caught a nasty head cold).  Students worked on a problem solving worksheet.  This will be collected tomorrow.  

Friday Sept 8th 
Lesson 1.2.3  Students will represent whole numbers with rectangular arrays and categorize as prime, composite, odd and/or even.  

Composition book:  page 9 and 10 

Homework:  problems 1-68 to 1-72 

Thursday Sept 7th 
Lesson 1.2.2  Students decomposed numbers in multiple ways  and compared valued of numerical expressions and quantities using appropriate symbol notation.  

Composition book:  page 7 and 8

Homework:  problems 1-57 to 1-61 

Wednesday September 6th 
Lesson 1.2.1  Students decomposed quantities into sums of multiple parts and represented them with words, symbols and diagrams.  
Homework:  problems 1-46 to 1-50

Tuesday September 5th
Lesson 1.1.5:  Students made and justified conjectures as they made sense of a logic problem.  Homework:  problems 1-36 to 1-40

Friday  September 1st 
Lesson 1.1.4:  We generated questions about data and explored ways to organize data to answer different questions.  Homework:  problems 1-29 to 1-32

Thursday August 31st 

Lesson:  1.1.3  Today we explored patterns and looked at ways to generalize the pattern to make a prediction about the 40th, 50th, 100th terms.    Homework:  problems 1-19 to 1-23

Wednesday August 30th 
Students worked with their teams to explore area and perimeter.  They were then assigned problem 1-10 through 1-14.  This will be corrected tomorrow.  

Tuesday August 29th 
Students self-assessed their Mathography.  Homework is kept in their team folder and turned in at the end of the chapter.  Assignments can be finished and/or corrected and their score changed anytime during the chapter.  
We began lesson 1.1.2  Students worked with their table teams through the first question.  We will finish the lesson tomorrow. 

Monday August 28th 

We started in the textbook today - Lesson 1.1.1 - Identifying strengths and weaknesses of histograms and scatterplots.    Their homework is "Mathography".  

Friday August 25th 
Students were given their math textbook today.  It needs to be covered by Monday.  Then the students took a Decimal and Fraction Proficiency test.  
Lastly they were given "You are "You"nique" - an informational sheet that will be collected on Monday. 

Thursday August 24th 
Students worked in their Table Teams to review mathematical vocabulary.  

Wednesday August 23rd 

*What it Means to be a Hawk 
*Tangram Puzzle Activity 
*Students wrote in their planner the supplies needed for this class