India Final project
In place of the test due to snow days students are asked to create a GRAPES of ancient India paper.  I provided them with a large color sheet to work on.  It is due, baring snow days, on Thursday January 19th.  Each section should be approximately 3 inches.  No pictures.   Fill up each area with facts and information about that topic so that I can assess what students understand about his very important area and time period.  
 Geography- rivers, land forms, weather, what is in the area 
 Art, architecture, achievements 
 Economics- how they make their money, living, trade
 Social Structure - the caste system 
On the back of the paper students need to answer the following 5 questions: 
1.  How did the belief in reincarnation both strengthen the divisions in Indian society and provide hope for the lower classes?
2.  Describe the Indian family and the roles of the men, women, and children.
3. Describe the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.
4. What effect did the Aryans have on the Indian people?
5. List 4 ways the guidelines in the 8th fold path can help you be a good citizen today.

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