Latitude project

For the last week, students have been creating and receiving items and information so that they can be prepared to create their own version of the major latitude lines and climate zones of Earth.

They were given a handout that shows the names and degree numbers of the lines and informed that they needed to memorize these lines of latitude.  Below that picture, students drew another circle to represent the Earth and labeled the polar, temperate, and tropical zones as I drew them on the board and had the image projected on the screen.  

For two days students were asked to create in their notes a list of the latitude lines including the degree numbers and names, the zones, and in the middle together we added animals, sports, and other activities that occur in those areas of the world.  We watched video clips linked in the Latitudes lectures so that students could see examples of each area and take notes on what they saw in each zone.  

This is not a group project, students may work on it during hawk time and at home.  Students may use their notes, library books, and go online for more information.  We started it in class Sept. 7th it is due at the end of class on the 8th. 

Here is a link to Sept 6th lecture Sept 5th lecture Project directions