6th Grade Technology
Digital Citizenship 
Appropriate, responsible, and safe behavior while online will be the focus of the first few days of the quarter.  We will cover information in the classroom and information will be sent home to share with family.  

Since failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of computer and internet access privileges at school, disciplinary action, and/or legal action the first tests will assess student understanding of the Nampa District Policies as well as on-line safety rules. 

Digital Communication
Communication options have exploded within the digital revolution.  This class will help students make appropriate decisions on line while introducing the life long skills of keyboarding and technology.  

Digital Literacy
Just as the ability to read and write affects a students success in school and life their ability to use technology to learn anything, anytime, anywhere quickly and appropriately will effect their future success. 

Student Driven Curriculum 
Skill building is the focus of this class.  Students will be presented with a series of lessons that will show their mastery of the keyboarding and technology skill.  Correct keyboarding form and typing accuracy is the goal.  Speed will come with practice.