Mrs. Apel - World/Ancient History & Technology

Welcome to Social Studies!

Students are encouraged to be proactive in their education and take ownership of their grades.  Students are truly the key to their own success because their choices determine their future.  

This website and the class calendar are just two tools to help students and parents/guardians. There is the after school A.S.K. program if students need more time to complete work and help from teachers.  Hawk Time, 8th period, is a great time to get extra help.  My best advice is to ask for help as soon as you need it and be in class as much as possible so you do not miss anything.  

Power school is another way for students and parents/guardians to monitor student progress.  If your password does not work please contact the office. If an assignment is missing it will show up as 50% of the points possible with an M for missing in Power School.

Late work is accepted until the end of the unit.
If a student would like to add to or do an assignment over they may.
Quizzes may be retaken but it will not be a different version.
Unit finals and semester finals cannot be retaken as they are a formative assessment that shows their level of mastery of a topic.   

The classroom rule is: Be where you're supposed to be, doing what you're supposed to be doing.

The classroom philosophy is: We are social studiers not social judgers.   

I keep no-name papers until the end of the quarter that students may claim.